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Be aware that your child(ren)'s transportation (busing) could change - Due to an increase in student numbers, high volume on the buses and/or opening of housing. We make every effort to keep parent and your child's school informed of any changes as they occur.

Please check the school calendars for any early dismissals. Keep in mind that if you need to change your child(ren)'s afternoon drop-off point due to early dismissal or otherwise, please contact your child(ren)'s school so a bus pass can be written.

Reminder: The school and transportation need to be informed of anyone who has permission to get your child on and off the bus. We appreciate being informed for the safety of your child(ren).

Indian River CSD Policy: All Kindergarten children must have a parent or authorized person at the bus stop.

Transportation Contacts

Fax: (315) 642-0621

Richard Burr - Transportation Supervisor phone: (315) 642-0331 ext. 11601 ~ email:

Jamie Jobson - Transportation Secretary phone: (315) 642-0331 ext. 11602 

Laura Engle - Transportation Clerk phone: (315) 642-0331 ext. 11603

Phyllis Murphy - Transportation Clerk phone: (315) 642-0331 ext. 11604

First Student: (315) 642-3242

Phone Contact

Please follow the guidelines below when contacting the transportation about your concerns:

  1. My child's bus is late this morning ~ Please call our phone (315) 642-0331 or First Student (315) 642-3242.
  2. My child is late getting home ~ Please call our main phone number (315) 642-0331 or First Student (315) 642-3242.
  3. I am moving into a new home or my child needs to go to a babysitter ~ call your child's school as listed below. 

School Phone Numbers

Antwerp Primary School (315) 659-8386

Calcium Primary School (315) 629-1100

Evans Mills Primary School (315) 629-4331

Philadelphia Primary School (315) 642-3432

Theresa Primary School (315) 628-4432

Intermediate School (315) 642-0405

Middle School (315) 642-0125

High School (315) 642-3427


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