Academic Eligibility Grades 7-8

Immediate Attention

If a student is failing a course (less than 65 average) or has demonstrated a lack of effort by failing to complete two consecutive assignments, then the following procedure will be initiated: the student will notify his or her teacher(s) and ask what day each week that he or she can spend 40 minutes beginning with dismissal in the teacher's classroom, doing class work for that subject.

For grades seven and eight, students will be evaluated on a weekly basis by their team at a team meeting. If it is determined that a student’s performance and effort (such as not completing two consecutive assignments) needs improvement, then he or she will be assigned to work with a member of the team for 40 minutes beginning with dismissal, doing class work for that subject. If performance improves and requirements are met, the student will return to regular activities. If the student is working together with their teacher, the team may seek permission from the Middle School Principal for the student to participate in activities.

If performance does not improve, the student may be assigned to additional days of academic help. This process will continue until the student meets the specified requirements, the ten-week marking period is completed, the activity is over, or until the student is placed on academic probation. If a student is failing more than one subject at the end of the ten-week marking period, he or she is not eligible to participate in any extracurricular activities for the next ten weeks.

If the student fails to work with the teacher during academic help time, he or she will be excluded from all extracurricular activities immediately and may not participate until such time as his or her performance and effort have improved enough to meet the requirements.

Middle school students participating in interscholastic sports at the high school level (freshman team, junior varsity, or varsity level) are governed by the High School Academic Eligibility Standards.

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