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Course Descriptions:

Theatre in Action (Arts Graduation Requirement) 1 credit

Students will explore ALL aspects of the Theatre Arts. The class units include Theatre History, Acting (pantomime, improvisation, character analysis, monologue and scene work), stage combat, play-writing, directing and technical theatre (lights, sound, props, costume and make-up). 

Play Analysis (Elective) 1/2 credit

Students will explore theatre history/genres through plays. The class will read plays: Everyman, Oedipus by Sophocles, The Hypochondriac by Moilere, A Doll's House by Ibsen, Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Williams, and My Children! My Africa! by Authol Fugard. Students will read plays aloud in class and every student will complete a plot analysis of each play. A class discussion will follow each reading. 

Directing (Elective) 1/2 credit

Students will explore every job of the director including analysis, research, casting, blocking, and character development. Each student will direct a 10-minute play which will be showcased in an evening performance.

Intensive Acting (Elective) 1/2 credit

Students will explore the use of research, vocal techniques and body movement in character analysis and development. Each student will work on 2-3 monologues, 2-3 scenes and a short play. Each student will explore both classic and contemporary pieces.

Working Actor (Elective) 1/2 credit

Students will develop job skills needed to enter the field of acting. Students will prepare audition pieces, practice auditioning skills, and develop resume and headshots as well as professional portfolio. Students will also speak with a variety of professionals in the field and complete mock auditions with those professionals with feedback provided. 

Stage Craft and Design (Elective) 1 credit

Students will explore different areas of technical design and stage craft; including elements of design, the scene shop and tools, lighting equipment and design, sound equipment and design, prop design, costume tools and design, make-up techniques and design drafting. Each student will research, design and build scale models and sketches for several different plays. 

Students can earn a Regents Endorsed Diploma in Theatre by
 a sequence of these courses.

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