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Theatre Education Philosophy

 Recognizing that theatre is a distinct and holistic art form important to the development of affective, cognitive and kinesthetic growth of young people, the Indian River Central School District has developed this curriculum to promote theatre in grades 9-12 in accordance with the New York Standards in Theatre Arts. Theatre Education is a powerful tool for understanding human differences and celebrating diversity. It enables students to acquire personal resources and life skills through intellectual, physical, emotional, aesthetic and creative development. Theatre also fosters a disciplined approach to critical thinking and problem-solving, emphasizes individuality, and builds on individual strengths of the students involved. It provides students for a mode of self expression by developing confidence in their verbal and non-verbal skills, and the power of their imagination. Students are inspired to explore a range of human emotions and develop an understanding of these forces. Therefore, they are able to comprehend and control, through practice, the effects of emotion, environment and situation on human behavior. As a result, Theatre students are able to explore social situations with a view to acquiring the skills and understanding to deal objectively with social problems. Therefore, we at Indian River believe that Theatre Education is Essential education and we strive to reach the following goals (based on New York State Theatre Standards), students will:

- Acquire the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary for participation in theatre in both
technical, design, play-writing and performance modes in the educational and
professional sectors.
- Develop a working knowledge of theatre resources, tools and materials including those in
their community, and to apply that understanding to their personal, social, and professional
- Develop the ability to respond critically to theatrical performance and to connect other art
forms to the process and performance of theatre.
- Appreciate past and present cultures and time periods as a basis for theatrical expression
and reflective force.
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